Clients’ Comments:

I have a smile on my face and I am so thrilled with your reading.  Everything, absolutely everything is right.   WOW, you are truly gifted.  Thank you so much for that, I now know that what I am doing is right and I feel good for the first time in a long time.”

V.B. Johannesburg




Thanks Colleen.  You're really spot on! It's lovely to have my feelings about my relationship reaffirmed. I am waiting to start a new job and it will definitely be a change and the prospect is a bit scary so it all makes perfect sense. As for home life, I am pushing for a move to dry land, so we'll have to watch this space!  Many thanks for taking the time to do this for me, it's really appreciated and I can only give positive feedback, nothing stood out as being ill fitting in my life, it all slots into place.”Kate, Reading


Wow - this is really interesting..... you are very accurate.

CS, Devon


When Colleen first did a tarot reading for me, I was a bit sceptical, but she was spot on with my present life.  The cards told the way I was feeling and how to deal with my situation which deep down I knew but would not acknowledge.  They way Colleen interpreted the cards was clear to understand and gave me confidence to take the advice offered.  I will be having regular readings in the future and would recommend Colleen to anyone thinking of having a tarot reading.

Carol, Caversham


I had a tarot reading from Colleen on 16th October 2007. The reading confirmed some things that myself and Colleen already knew about me, as well as some things that Colleen did not know, as well as some things that Colleen did not know and hardly did I either!   The reading was a good blend of spiritual, philosophical issues with practical suggestions for daily life. I received an excellent report, which I have since referred to several times.   I definitely plan to have regular readings!

N.F, Reading

Dear Colleen, 

I just want to give you some feedback on the reading you have done for me. A few months have past now since the reading and I feel that I can be more specific. At first I was a bit sceptical having a reading done from somebody I don´t even know and then not even face-to-face. Well, I must tell you that you were absolutely spot-on with my then current situation and my past events. Even my innermost thoughts came up! Naurally, nobody knew about them and in some cases they were fleeting thoughts that came to mind once but did not stick in my mind. As this was a reading concerning my relationships, you mentioned some commitment from my side by August/September. At the time it seemed that this was the furthest thought on my mind. Well, it is October now and in September we have decided to get married!!!! All I can say is "Wow"! Especially as I did not have any thoughts or plans for this at the time of the reading. So in short, it was very worthwhile and although I was sceptical at first I can only recommend you for your accurateness.

Another point for comment is that I am not a native english speaker. The recording of the reading was thanks to your very clear voice very audible and easy to understand. I will be back for more knowing (not hoping) that you have a gift that can be absolutely trusted.

Klaus, Bavaria, Germany






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