We have been inspired by our Angels and Guides to create a course that would teach and empower students to be Angelic Guidance and Healing Therapists.  This course is the result of that inspiration and has been designed to expand your work with Angels and deepen your connection to the Angelic Realms.   It will enable you to work professionally as an Angelic Guidance and Healing Therapist and you will receive ongoing support to set up a practice and find clients.   This course is for beginners as well as qualified Practitioners and it complements other therapies including Angelic Reiki.   The course enables deep personal healing and spiritual growth.

The full course comprises four modules.   Each module builds on the knowledge gained during the previous module and a Training Certificate is awarded at the conclusion of each module.   On completion of all four modules and the required case studies a Diploma will be awarded to successful students.  

Module 1 – Foundation to healing with the Angels

·        Angel attunement

·        Protection and shielding

·        Releasing blocks to working with other realms and dimensions

·        Who’s who in the Angelic Realms

·        Meeting the seven great teaching archangels

·        Connecting with your Guardian Angel

·        Drawing and channelling your Guardian Angel


Module 2 – Divination and Development of Spiritual Gifts

·        Angel attunement

·        Angels of the Earth

·        Spiritual gifts and how they “work”

·        Releasing blocks to working with your spiritual gifts

·        Developing the third eye

·        Readings for self and others


Module 3 – Healing with the Angels

·        Angel attunement

·        Overview of the subtle energy systems

·        Meridians and strangeflows

·        Chakras – clearing and balancing

·        Auras – clearing and healing

·        Psychic debris removal

·        Angelic healing techniques


Module 4 – How to work with People and Angels


·        Angel attunement

·        Working with other therapies

·        Gem Essences

·        Flower Remedies

·        Colour Therapy

·        Crystals

·        Putting it all together – practical hands on healing experience

·        Defining your purpose as an Angelic Guidance and Healing Therapist

·        Closing ceremony and Angelic Empowerments


The cost of each Module is £110.00 – a deposit of £30.00 is payable to secure your place.

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Click here to pay £30 to secure your place

If you wish to pay for the full course we offer a discount - the total amount payable is £400.00

Please see Workshops and Courses for the dates and locations of our courses.
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The next course starts on 10 October 2011


We have been further guided to offer our course in an online format.   The course will run over 16 weeks.  

Students will be allowed two weeks to complete each lesson and on completion of the course students will receive a Certificate of Completion.   Students will benefit from the same Angel Attunements offered in the Diploma Course.

The lessons are as follows:

·        Opening to the energies;  Protection and Shielding;  Who’s Who in the Angelic Realms and Meeting the Seven Great Teaching Angels

·        Meeting, channelling and drawing your Guardian Angel

·        Angels of the Earth and your role as a Lightworker

·        Spiritual Gifts and methods of development (including developing the Third Eye) and Removing blocks to working with your spiritual gifts

·          Angel Healing Techniques including chakra and aura clearing and balancing

·        Working with other therapies – gem essences, flower remedies, colour therapy and crystals

·        Putting it all Together and Defining your purpose as an Angelic Guidance and Healing practitioner


The first week of the course provides an opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves and the final week is used for feedback.


Benefits of the course:


·        4 Angelic Attunements and Angelic Empowerment on completion

·        Individual attention - Two hours of tutor time per week for each student

·        Free Meditation CD’s and crystal chakra set for each student

·        Work in a group environment learning from the tutors and each other

·        Short course so that you can decide your level of commitment

·        Work at a time to suit you

·        Certificate of Completion for all those who complete the work by the feedback week.


Please email for an application form.


Fees:   £215.00
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Payment by instalments can also be arranged – please enquire.










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