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A new process of manifestation has been made available to those who wish to fulfil their desires more quickly.   Utilising this technique will result in a rapid acceleration of the rate of manifestation, bringing on gifts, rewards and new challenges.    Regular use of the technique involves a process called soul rotation which changes and improves lives.   This may cause responses and a rapid reality shift which is expedited by the soul and is part of the soul’s journey toward fulfilment and ascension.

As Archangel Michael teaches – Ascension has two essential components.   The first is reaching up and finding the connection to the higher self or soul, finding that “Heaven” is in fact within each one of us and the second part is allowing “Heaven” to descend into physical form, bringing “Heaven on Earth”.

The Manifestation Acceleration Technique process, described by Archangel Michael, was channelled by Gregory Possman in Vancouver, British Columbia.   Archangel Michael is excited about what he calls MAT.   He would like as many people as possible to teach and use the process because he believes that it can change the planet in a positive manner.

It is quick, easy to learn, easy to incorporate into your daily routine and extremely effective.

Join us for a powerful day of accelerating your manifestation abilities.   Learn how to use the Toroid, Sacred Geometry, Cells of Consciousness and Intention to create what you want more quickly here in the third dimension.   

Cost of this Workshop:   £100.00
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