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Over the past few years we have had many hints and nudges from the Angelic Realms as well as the Mother Goddesses       asking and telling us that it is time for all of us to take an active role in the healing of our planet.

During a recent visit to Glastonbury, the Mother Goddesses gave us this message:

Pachamama is a Being who represents a chakra centre in the body of an even greater Being.   She is the heart chakra of that greater Being and her aspects are represented on the Earth by all the mother goddesses from every culture across the planet.

The Mother Goddesses have indicated that what ails Earth is akin to hypertension in humanity.   This high blood pressure is brought about by many things:  the plundering of her natural resources, the fact that she can no longer “breathe” properly and by the divisive tendencies of the highest kingdom of nature which occupies her spaces, humanity.

The message of the Mother Goddesses is that the Being who is Earth will heal whether we assist or not.   It is our choice whether we help or hinder and they remind us that whenever we do damage to the health of this incredible Being, she takes action to correct the situation.   They ask us to remember Atlantis.

Archangel Sandalphon, speaking to us all in Edwin Courtenay’s book, “The Archangelic Book of Ritual and Prayer” says:

“If one man or woman within their town or village attempted to be more self aware, more spiritual in the finest meaning of the word, more mindful of their thoughts and feelings, of their physical well-being, of their spiritual progression and evolution, they would beneficially affect their location and surrounding to such a powerful and positive extent that it would contribute greatly to outweighing all those others who did not comprehend or acknowledge the interconnection that existed between themselves and their world.   Such is the power of the spiritual intent amongst the ignorant and the blind.   This is how it has always been and this is why there is still hope.   If one person in a city or town acknowledged the equinoxes, sabbats and solstices, contributed in their own simple way to turning the wheel and resurrecting the balance of the seasonal shifts, they would contribute greatly to amending that that has been lost and damaged by all those other people’s ignorance concerning the importance and need of these simple and beautiful acts of honouring and consecration.   If but a small percentage of people in regard to the total population of your planet honoured the ancient, simple, beautiful and magical ways, acknowledging the intimate, powerful connection that exists between themselves and the manner of living of their life and the world around them, your world could not only be saved but also be transformed.   And the transformation of your world, of course, is imperative in regard not only to the evolution of those people who dwell upon it but also the evolution of the spirit of your world itself and the evolution that is to take place within your universe, the Earth being pivotal within this transformation.”

A very simple and effective way of honouring Mother Earth and contributing to her healing is to light a candle on the days mentioned by Archangel Sandalphon.   The Angelic Realms have indicated that all that is required is a tealight candle, which is allowed to burn out completely.   If you would like to assist us in our little project to help Mother Earth heal, please would you send us an email: info@angelicguidance.co.uk and we will send out reminders at the appropriate times. 

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